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For most businesses there are no practical limits or restrictions. The Maxton Payroll is designed for a maximum of 999 employees in each company, each of which may have unlimited payments in any one year. Any number of years may be stored. There may be up to 99 departments.

The Software is designed to run on PCs and network workstations running any version of Windows. The Maxton data files can be stored on any windows visible storage medium.

Pricing, support and availability.

Prices start at £50 for a single-user Maxton Payroll (up to 10 employees). £100 for 30 employees, £150 for 100 employees, £250 for 500 employees and £350 for 999 employees. Other choices include an additional £150 for multi-company and another £150 for multi-user. All prices are UK pounds excluding VAT and normally include 90 days unlimited software maintenance and telephone support. Standard, on-going support contracts are offered each year and are billed quarterly. Support prices start at £5 per month and are dependent on options, version and number of modules.

Leasing instead of buying the software is becoming more popular. The quarterly support contract will cover the leasing charge, telephone support, software maintenance and programme updates. Prices start at £5 per month for a single-user Maxton Payroll, through to approx. £30 for the multi-company version running on a 10-user network.

Availability is normally immediate and installation is normally carried out by the user or ourselves using internet availaible remote connection anywhere. On-going support and software updates are carried out via remote internet connection.