Current products and services:
We supply, maintain and support packaged and bespoke accounting and administrative software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. These are mainly based around our own packaged software produced under the name 'Maxton International' and supplied direct to end-users and to selected trade outlets for re-sale. This web-site has complete details of each of the software modules as well as down-loadable demos of the Windows version of each of them. The down-loaded modules are the fully-working single-user versions of the software and can be 'unlocked' by us to allow you to continue working beyond the 30-day demo period. All up-grade versions use the same data files so no information is lost during any subsequent up-grade; i.e. to multi-company or network etc.


The packaged Software modules include:
Accounts, Sales-ledger, Sales Order Processing, Purchase-ledger, General/Nominal-ledger, POS Invoicing, Stock Control, Purchase Order Processing, Payroll, EOY Filing, In-Year FilingCIS Online Filing, Bill of Materials, Plant-hire management, Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Job Costing. Most are available in Versions for Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and also MS-DOS. They also have multi-company, multi-currency, network and multi-user versions. Source code is also available to selected developers. (click here for more about Maxton software and FREE down-loadable demos...)


Special 'Vertical Market' software:
Systems are available for Building Contractors where
'Contract-order' and 'Subcontract-order' ledgers are required with full integration to Job-Costing and Stock-Control. A special Subcontractors-ledger is also available which holds information on payments, tax, certificates and insurances. There is also a module for CIS Online Filing of CIS 300 monthly returns.


Some of our Solutions for Small Businesses:
As well as our fully integrated Accounts packages, we have thought about the needs of businesses who don't want a complicated Standard Integrated Package.

Invoicing:- Perhaps you are a small business and want to have a simple piece of software which will print Invoices or Bills in a neat, professional way. You want just the Invoicing function without having an 'Accounts package' which would be confusing and more expensive than necessary. We have designed our stand-alone Sales ledger to do just what you need.

With the Sales Ledger all you need to do is enter the Customer's name and address. This will be stored in the Customer data-base so that you can call it up and use it as often as you please without having to re-type it. Then any time you want to create an invoice you just click on the 'Invoicing' button, choose the correct customer from the list, and then just write the detail on the screen and finally just click on 'Print' to have the Invoice printed. Once you have finished you may discard the Invoice, or save it so that you can call it up in the future to perhaps print another copy.

There are a number of built-in standard invoice layouts. The most popular one is designed to print on your own A4 size letterhead - just the normal letterhead which you use for correspondence which already has your name and address etc. printed on the top. The computer system will allow you to write a block of text - perhaps describing the service or products which you have supplied, followed by a line or two at the bottom giving the total charge only, or possibly the VAT or carriage as well if there is any.

Another standard layout allows you to have the description of an item followed by its quantity, unit price, discount and line-total, - all on the same line. There are also layouts designed for plain A4 paper where the computer prints your business name and address etc. on the top of the page too. Phone us for free assistance in changing to the different layouts.

Stock Control:- Perhaps you require a stand-alone Stock Control system without it being part of an 'Accounts Package'. We have designed our stand-alone Stock ledger to do just what you need.

The Stock module has its own transaction entry screen for seven different types of movements. These range from normal issues/sales right through to write-offs and adjustments. All transactions are stored in archives for each year so that movements can be reported on in any time-period. For instance 'what items have gone to a particular customer in the month' or 'what are the sales in each of the last 12 months for a particular item'. Also 'what items have we not sold in the last 6 months' etc.

Despatch of customer orders from stock:- Perhaps you hold a stock of items, take orders and despatch them to your customers. You don't want to have the expense or complication of a full accounts system to do this. We have designed our stand-alone Sales Order Processing module along with our optional Stock ledger to do just what you need.

The Sales Order Processing module may be used with, or without, the Stock Module. Sales orders are taken for stored stock items or non-stock items - a non-stock item being one where the description is just typed onto the screen. The orders are stored as 'un-fulfilled' orders and can be reported on to show what is 'on-order' and hence what is the 'free-stock' of any item. A despatch note can be printed using stored name and address information, for picking and packing, at which point the goods are removed from stock. Back-orders can be created for any items not available for picking. All fulfilled orders are then deleted and archived. Archived orders can be called up and re-printed, viewed and reported on at any time.

If you have another application which requires a simple piece of software instead of a fully integrated package, then please contact us with your requirements in case we have just the module you need.

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