The Maxton Business System consists of a series of software modules covering the various major aspects of business accounting and administration. Each module may be used as a stand-alone package, or may be linked with other modules to form a fully integrated administration system.



      Standard Software Modules are available for :-

Accounts includes modules for :-

* Sales Ledger

Purchase Ledger

General/Nominal Ledger

Point-of-Sale Invoicing

Sales Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Payroll UK

Payroll In-Year Online Filing of P45/P46 to HMRC

Payroll End-of-Year Online Filing of P35/P14s to HMRC

Stock control


Contract-orders ledger

Subcontract-orders ledger

Subcontractor Purchase ledger

Subcontractor Monthly-return Online Filing

Click on any of the above to see the details and features for each module.


System design philosophy.

The Maxton Book-keeping modules are designed to work together in an integrated fashion to provide a complete management system.. It is even possible to have both the 32-bit Windows version running on the same PC and or Network as the DOS versions since they share the same Microsoft Standard IEEE data-file format.

Data security and integrity are of paramount importance. All modules have comprehensive internal safety checks running in the background for file corruption or damage from incorrect shut-down and hardware failure situations. Also all transactions are processed using full double-entry book-keeping principles. A full audit trail is maintained in each ledger and essential audit-trail is printed for all transactions.

Up to 3 levels of password protection are available in each module with users being linked to their own specific password to allow entry to specified parts of the system only.

All Maxton Software is designed to allow up-grading at any time to higher capacity versions including multi-company, networking and multi-user without re-keying data or throwing away earlier purchases.

'Ease of use' has always been uppermost in the software design process. This has resulted in the user-interface being clear and easy to use. New users find this especially helpful as they are able to comfortably use all the basics of the system without having to learn 'hidden' commands or procedures. Many of the advanced features are 'turned off' as many users will never need more unusual facilities. This ensures that the menus and screens are clear and uncluttered.

We have tried to ensure that useful information is not 'hidden within the system'. This means that a senior manager or owner who does not normally 'work the computer system' will be able to, without much training or experience, sit down at a screen and find the information which they want quickly. For example, 'what does John Smith & Co. owe us? Are their payments overdue?' The commands are simple, vis: Choose Sales Ledger, choose Enquiry, choose the customer and immediately, there is the complete story of what is outstanding and for how long. Note that the customer could be found from a displayed list of customers or by entering just part of their name rather than by having to remember their customer code.

We frequently adjust the standard modules in ways to suit particular customers, or add an extra report or facility that is unusual. This means that some customers who have been receiving support for 10 years or more now have computer systems which are tailored to suit exactly the way they like to work, and to give them management information in just the way they like to see it. We are very pleased to have many long-term customers who have made use of this facility.

The ability to adjust the software has also been particularly useful where a business has a need for a 'production management' or 'service management' computer system which automatically produces invoices to the customers. We have frequently linked our sales ledger to such systems in order that invoices and customer details are shared between the two systems to provide a 'seamless link' and ensure maximum efficiency and ease-of-use.


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