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Principle features:

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System design philosophy.

The Maxton General Ledger is designed as an 'open item' ledger including history files and transaction archives. All journals are entered straight into their respective nominal account or cost-centre where they show immediately on any reports or enquiries. An audit trail is automatically printed for security.

The System has a built-in set of nominal accounts which may be used to get a 'quick-start' or as the basis for a more extensive trial balance. Once a set of accounts has been established, the system will automatically place each new account on to its own line on the P&L account or Balance sheet as necessary. The built-in self-auditing 'status-check' will check to ensure that no account is omitted or is added twice to the P&L acc. or Balance sheet.

Each year's transaction history is held in a separate file. These files can be deleted to save space or can be stored indefinitely. When stored as part of the system, the archives allow a history of a nominal account to be printed stretching back for years, even to the point when the system was set up. A second very useful result is that any posting in any of the stored years can be called up and printed or displayed showing all its 'drill-down' detail including the invoice or payment details which gave rise to the journal in the first place.

The Maxton Book-keeping modules are designed to work together in an integrated fashion to provide a complete management system.


For most businesses there are no practical limits or restrictions. The Maxton General Ledger is designed for a maximum of 999 nominal codes, each of which has no more than 32,000 transactions in any one year. Any number of years may be stored. Total transactions in any month are best kept below 10,000 - all of which may be reversing journals if required. The standard system allows up to 99 transaction types and up to 999 stored 'standard postings' for pre-payments and accruals. The P&L account and Balance sheet may have up to 999 lines. There may be up to 99 cost-centres.

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