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Principle features

  • Comprehensive records on labour and material costs associated with any job. Stored information includes, job code, job description, client/customer, job type, recovery percent, memo, budget for labour, budget for disbursements, budget for 'bought-ins' and a budget for total sales to the client for the job. Optional other information includes a 'check-list' of procedures or steps to be carried out in the course of completing the job and also up to two screens of notes associated with each job.
  • A transaction day-book is recorded for all costs and includes, date, job code, labour hours quantity or value, employee or reference/invoice/order number, comment, work-stage code (999 work-stages -user defined), disbursement type (99 types -user defined), employee cost rate per hour (4 user-defined rates for each employee) and a 7 digit analysis code.
  • Resulting accumulated information stored on each job includes, date of last movement, total labour hours, total labour hours in each work-stage, total labour costs value, total labour costs value in each work-stage, total disbursement value, total disbursement value in each work-stage, total disbursement value for each disbursement type, total sales to client associated with job and percentage variance of actual costs against budgets for labour, disbursements and bought-ins.
  • Power enquiry on full job-card details with different search modes.
  • Standard management reports including: cost lists, variation reports, monthly progress reports, employee reports, work-in-progress reports, job lists by customer and day-book transaction analysis reports by many filters.
  • Full job printout giving all transaction detail including totals for each work-stage, totals for each disbursement type and budgets.
  • Open-item accounting with stored transaction for every movement in cost.
  • Built-in self-audit and status report on file consistency. Automatic data-recovery in the event of hardware failure or power failure.
  • Day-book transaction archive for each year. Keep archives for any number of years allowing full day-book line-detail and cost history. Searching facilities included.
  • Optional notes pages for each job-card as well as all the normal details.
  • Options for Networking and Multi-company.
  • Optional integration with Purchase ledger, Sales ledger, Stock control, Purchase order processing Contracts ledger, Subcontracts ledger and General Ledger. Many other 'custom' links are available.

There are too many features and options to list here. Please contact us if any feature that you are interested in is not listed above.

System design philosophy

The Maxton Job-Costing programme is designed as an easy-to-use open-item ledger including a Day-book for all the daily cost transactions.

Once a Job is completed, it can be deleted from the system and stored in an archive. These archived jobs can be stored indefinitely. When stored as part of the system, the archives allow a history of a jobs' transactions to be printed at any time.

The Maxton Book-keeping modules are designed to work together in an integrated fashion to provide a complete management system.


For most businesses there are no practical limits or restrictions. The Maxton Job Costing system is not limited too, but works best where you have no more than 10,000 'currently live' job-cards. Total day-book transactions in any year are not limited. There are 999 possible work-stages, 99 disbursement types and 999 employees each with 4 cost-rates.

The Software is designed to run on PCs and network workstations running any version of Windows.

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