Point-of-Sale Invoicing

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Principle Features:

There are too many features and options to list here. Please contact us if any feature that you are interested in is not listed above.

System Design Philosophy.

The Maxton 'Point-of-Sale Invoicing' software is designed to allow a normal PC to be used as an economical alternative to the dedicated till. It includes a sales day-book and cash book and various other history files and transaction archives. All invoices, credits, receipts, discounts and cash-sales are entered straight into their respective day-books where they show immediately on the customers accounts and in Stock Control etc.

Many different methods of setting up customer discounts and quantity discounts are available. This flexibility extends to delivery addresses and also the lay-out of the display for operator input.

The Maxton Book-keeping modules are designed to work together in an integrated fashion to provide a complete management system.


For most businesses there are no practical limits or restrictions on the number of transactions. The 'Point-of-sale' system must be used in conjunction with Maxton Sales Ledger (see the page on 'sales ledger' for more information). The standard system allows up to 50 lines on one invoice and up to 12 nominal code headings on one cash receipt or cash sale.

The current Version is designed to run on all Windows versions.

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