Pay Roll In Year

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Principle features

  • This module comprising the two parts, XML creation and Injector, takes End-of-Year P35 and P14 information and sends it to the HMRC via the GovTalk Gateway.
  • It may be used as a stand-alone programme where data is entered manually or linked to a payroll programme. It is able to import data from other Payroll programmes through standard CSV files or optional custom links.
  • Output successfully tested by Inland Revenue and awarded their 'Internet Recognition' protocol.
  • Handles all 'Complete' submissions as defined by HMRC.
  • All entered data is displayed on-screen in an easily checked and edited form. Employee records may be added or deleted at will.
  • Built in 'Business rules' to conform with Inland Revenue standards.
  • Designed to meet the 'Quality Standard' set by HMRC standards.
  • Can work in a special 'Test in Live' mode as defined by HMRC standards.
  • Prints an 'exception report' of all data which does not meet the 'Quality Standard' of the IR GovTalk Gateway.
  • Prints a summary of all data to be sent to the IR GovTalk Gateway.
  • Prints employee P60s on Inland Revenue supplied Laser-sheet forms.
  • Built-in self-audit and status report on file consistency. Automatic data-recovery in the event of hardware failure or power failure.
  • Automatic log of all submissions and transactions with the GovTalk Gateway.
  • Options for Networking, Multi-company and Bureau Operations.
  • Optional integration with Maxton Payroll. Other 'custom' links are available.

There are too many features and options to list here. Please contact us if any feature that you are interested in is not listed above


For most businesses there are no practical limits or restrictions. The Maxton Payroll EOY Filing is designed for a maximum of 2000 employees in each company.

The Ver. 6.x Software is designed to run on PCs and network workstations running any version of Windows.

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