Sub-Contract Purchase Ledger

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Principal features

  • This Module is a specially extended version of the Maxton Purchase Ledger. It includes all the features of the standard Purchase Ledger module (see the page entitled Purchase Ledger). For clarity we have omitted the description of the standard features from this page.
  • Includes all the features of the standard Maxton Purchase Ledger plus ....
  • Additional information is recorded about each supplier if they are a subcontractor. This includes CIS certificate and insurance information with expiry dates, National Insurance Number, Contractor Type, number of operatives, accountant details and tax office details. A check-list is given for 'Direct employment Criteria'. Also a check-list is given for 'Self-employment Criteria'. The system also holds notes about the subcontractor and the date of their last payment.
  • Additional management reports including Subcontractor tax and payments analysis and a Subcontractor summary showing status including expiry dates etc.
  • Facilities are included to allow the entry of Payments and Tax deductions to the Subcontractors account. The system will track the expiry dates for the Subcontractors Certificate etc and will warn if tax should be deducted. Tax at the appropriate rate will be automatically calculated and deducted if required.
  • Optional notes page for each supplier as well as all the normal contact details.
  • All invoice and receipt transactions in the current month may be viewed, modified, printed and or deleted up to the point when the General Ledger is up-dated and finalised for the month. Two months may be 'open' at the same time for input.
  • Options for Networking, Multi-company, Multi-currency and Multi-user.
  • Optional integration with Stock Control, Job-Costing, Purchase Order processing, Subcontracts Ledger and General Ledger. Many other 'custom' links are available.

There are too many features and options to list here. Please contact us if any feature that you are interested in is not listed above.

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